Winter Workouts; Tips to Stay Motivated

It's been about a solid month since I've hit the gym; I recently met up with my instructor and agreed to a whole new plan. I was meekly impressed with my bodily ratio's but still keen to improve my body... Continue Reading →


To B or not to B(12)

I kind of disappeared off the face of this blog. I allowed myself to become invested, momentarily, before the commitment of maintaining a site kicked in my knees and I scurried off to a new project. I've been around; I... Continue Reading →

Everyday is like Sunday – With Buns

Having only recently flew the familial nest, it's only truly when baking do I notice the needed necessities of a home. There are many things a home needs; water, heat, cute little lanterns donned with pink tea-lights. In particular, the kitchen... Continue Reading →

Lively Lentils

As you may have guessed from the chosen name of this blog; I'm a fan of lentils. Offering a beefed up nutty flavour, lentils are a perfect vegetarian conversion food that can supplant meat in many popular meals. They've also... Continue Reading →

Much Room for Mushroom Korma?

I'd been leaving aside a little extra belly room all day, purely so I could indulge a little bit extra with this dinner. I'd been a bit dubious about entering the kitchen today, as my first culinary attempt in the... Continue Reading →

35 hours without meat

I'd cut out meat entirely for a month after a festive/feast(ive) slip at Christmas, only to succumb to the devilish prowess of a chicken fillet burger on Saturday night. Absolutely knackered after a tough day at work, it seemed like... Continue Reading →

Mini Marathon, you say?

So, this year I will be participating in the VHI Women's Mini Marathon on behalf of the One in 1000 CFI team. I will be joining alongside those within my company, who ally themselves with a Cystic Fibrosis charity. I am very... Continue Reading →

Throwing meals together

No, this post isn't about some sadomasochistic desire to bounce food particles off one another; but more so on preparing healthy food on demand. It seems many people consider healthy eating unachievable on a daily basis as it presents itself as... Continue Reading →

The Metamorphosis of Soup

Soup, glorious soup! As a child, I used to despise soup; I cast my eyes into its watery depths, searching for the lone carrot that would make my tongue roll back towards my throat simultaneously cursing my mother's foul broths. ... Continue Reading →

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